Customer Purchase Behaviour Analytics

An intuitive ecommerce CRM designed to deliver more personalised marketing campaigns, increased retention, and improved customer loyalty. Ecommercialise automatically provides you with valuable insights into customer lifetime value and purchase behavior. Better still, we make it easy to use this information for ecommerce customer segmentation across your email and advertising campaigns. Gain an edge over your competition with Ecommercialise’s advanced customer analytics and CRM for ecommerce.

Customer Analytics Reports
Ecommercialise produces a wealth of analytical reports on your customers’ purchase behaviour
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What customer insights does Ecommercialise provide?
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Elevate Customer Service To Create Loyalty
Nine in ten web users are willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service. That means 9 out of 10 customers put a greater value on service over products or even price.
With our Customer Details Page you can enhance your service level by equipping your team with important information such as a customer’s order history, channel of attribution, and abandoned cart info. See how long they have been shopping with you, their Average Order Value, and whether you’re at risk of losing this customer. Use this information to tailor communication that your customers will perceive as professional, informed and courteous. In turn, they’ll deem you worthy of their continued business.
Segment Customers For Higher Returns On Email Campaigns
Personalised, targeted email can generate as much as a 760% lift in revenue over generic blast email campaigns. Our Customer segmentation feature helps you realize that increase in revenue in countless ways.

Customer Segmentation includes over 20 unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred email management platform. For each segment, see insights including lifetime value, revenue, average order value and the most commonly purchased products.

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Analyse Your Customer Purchase Behavior
How many of your customers have purchased once? Twice? Multiple times?

Ecommercialise uses data from your ecommerce platform to bucket each customer into six segments of purchasing behavior. Knowing the breakdown of customers who have purchased multiple times will allow you to make better marketing decisions. Segments can be exported into a CSV, allowing you to tailor messages, discounts or loyalty programs based on customer status.

Breakdown Customers Into Active, At Risk And Lost
Ecommercialise identifies your active, at risk and lost customer segments by using a proprietary metric called Lapse Point. This helps you identify the average number of days it takes for a one-purchase customer to buy again. Anyone within that window of time is Active, and those that approach the Lapse Point are At Risk. Lost customers are those who have passed beyond the window of opportunity, making them improbable to buy again.

Every store’s customer buying cycle is unique, so having this data at your hands allows you to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.

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See Lifetime Value KPIs
Customer Lifetime Value is a tricky metric to calculate, so most stores never utilise this valuable insight. Ecommercialise not only provides your customer lifetime value, but it expands upon this segment with additional ecommerce Key Performance Indicators.

Ecommercialise’s ecommerce reporting finds the average time between purchases, average purchase frequency, repeat customer rate and relationship length.

Knowing this information gives you a solid understanding of how customers interact with your ecommerce store in the long run.

Discover Your New Vs. Repeat Customer Ratio
Choose a specific date range to see a daily summary of new vs. repeat customers. Why is this important? It helps you to understand which channels and campaigns are bringing in new customers, and which channels and campaigns are driving repeat purchases.

Filter even further to see a breakdown of new vs. repeat customer by source, days of the week, device, channel, metro and campaign. Your ecommerce reporting can be as tailored as you need!

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Evaluate Profitability KPIs By Channel
Widely dispersed data is a major issue for ecommerce reporting and analytics. when insights are spread among dozens of spreadsheets, you’re left with a confusing puzzle to try and piece together.

Our lifetime value based customer profitability chart provides stats from all of your major channels in one place. Here you can see the performance of each channel based on a number of insights such as: new customers, repeat customers, return on ad spend (roas), lifetime value based roas, lifetime value, new customer acquisition cost, profit per new customer, revenue and ad spend.

Other Analytical Features Provided by Ecommercialise

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