Analytical Features

Save time compiling, cleansing, and visualising your data. Ecommercialise transforms silos of ecommerce data into beautiful reports that help you grow your business.

customer purchase behaviour analytics reporting
Customer Analytics
Insights that help you understand and optimise purchase behavior.
One of the most important indicators of profit potential is the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer. Yet customer lifetime value is one of the hardest metrics for ecommerce stores to calculate. Ecommercialise automatically calculates customer lifetime value, repeat customer rate, and several other customer centric KPIs.
Marketing Performance Management
Providing you with actionable insights designed to drive ecommerce growth
Once you connect your ecommerce sales and marketing channels, we automatically aggregate and present your data giving you insights regarding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & metrics. Ecommercialise can save you over 10 hours a month on ecommerce performance reporting.
Store performance analytics
ecommerce analytics dashboard
Multichannel Ecommerce Dashboard
Easily see all the metrics that matter, automate reporting & become a data rockstar.
Our intuitive ecommerce dashboard does all the heavy lifting for you and brings together all of your sales, product analytics, and customer data. This gives you a complete view of your store’s ecommerce and marketing performance.
Product Analytics
Comprehensive product overview, saving you time and money
Transform data from your ecommerce platform into actionable insights that help you manage inventory, make pricing decisions, understand seasonal buying trends, and increase your bottom line. Spend less time exporting and organising product sales data and more time executing strategies to meet your business goals.
product analytics
cost of goods analytics
Cost Of Goods Sold Reporting
Ensure you have enough margin to cover operating expenses
Avoid ecommerce blind spots created by a lack of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) analytics. When you assign cost information to individual products in Ecommercialise, we automatically connect that data to your ecommerce reports and analytics dashboards. This helps you make better-informed marketing and pricing decisions.
Scheduled Reports
Keep you and your team plugged into your data & manage your store more efficiently
Build, schedule, and automatically send robust ecommerce reports with ease and flexibility. We understand that a steady flow of accurate operating information is key to helping you achieve your business goals. Stay connected Ecommercialise streamlines ecommerce reporting with you in the driver’s seat.
scheduled analytical reports