Marketing Performance Analytics

Ecommercialise’s store performance analytics empowers you to set custom alerts, receive insightful recommendations, and build automations that are designed to drive ecommerce growth.

Our ecommerce dashboard integrates data from your ecommerce store with digital advertising channels, Google Analytics, and email campaigns – enabling you to easily monitor and report on business performance metrics while streamlining store management.

Web Site Performance Reports
Ecommercialise gives you a strong understanding of the cost to acquire customers and which channels and marketing campaigns drive revenue and profitability. Better still, our software delivers insights and automations that enable you to act on opportunities to maximise store performance.
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Ecommercialise Provides Overview Metrics For The Store Owner On The Go

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Focus On The Key Performance Indicators You Care About
Ecommercialise focuses on KPIs tied to your bottom line and provides succinct sentence based explanations of your data to help you understand how to interpret performance.

These metrics can be filtered to provide specific information about Sources, Days of the Week, Devices, Channels, Metros or Campaigns.

Find Out Which Channels Are Generating Revenue
Advertising platforms tend to provide you with vanity metrics. The more you read about non-revenue engagement, such as likes or followers, the less you question whether you are making money from campaigns. Ecommercialise takes the opposite approach and shows you Revenue by Channel so you can quickly see which channels are effectively driving Revenue and which channels are driving traffic that yields few or no sales.

Instead of logging in and out of multiple advertising platforms to assess performance, use Ecommercialise as your one source to get straight to the data you need to make decisions. With proper UTM tagging, every channel can be pulled into Ecommercialise for an unbiased, objective look at the channels you spend time and energy advertising in.

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Discover Net Profit By Channel
Net profit is illusive and requires switching between Google Analytics, social dashboards and your ecommerce platform to uncover. But how can you report correctly (much less quickly) when your data is dispersed?

Ecommercialise aims for a straightforward look at profitability by channel. Our Net Profit by Channel chart starts with channel level Revenue, then provides Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, Gross Margin, Advertising Spend, Net Profit and Profit Margin. Our ecommerce analytics dashboards tie together previously siloed data and allow you to access your data in a central location.