Product Analytics for Ecommerce Stores

Ecommercialise transforms your ecommerce store’s Product sales data from difficult to analyze silos of data into revenue generating opportunities. Understand product Segments, such as most profitable products or best bundles, and drill down to Individual Product Pages to learn more about what’s helping or hurting your store’s performance. Ecommercialise’s Segments include over 20 out-of-the box categories that will provide you with granular levels of information needed to optimize your store’s sales strategy.

Product Analytics Reports
Ecommercialise produces a wealth of analytical reports on your product sales so you can make better decisions.
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Make Better Decisions Not Expensive Ones From Your Product Data

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Use Cost Of Goods Sold Reporting
Ecommercialise provides a proprietary tool that allows you to batch import Cost of Goods Sold data and use that information across the application. Without integrated Cost of Goods Sold data, store owners are making decisions with little understanding of an appropriate level of marketing spend relative to product profitability.

With Ecommercialise, you can ensure that gross profitability is incorporated into your decision making process and that you’re no longer neglecting important information needed to determine the ideal marketing spend and strategy by product.

With a clearer picture of your store’s performance you can refine your strategy to maximise growth.formation to tailor communication that your customers will perceive as professional, informed and courteous. In turn, they’ll deem you worthy of their continued business.

Start With High Level Product Insights
Ecommercialise’s Product ecommerce analytics include three levels of insights. The highest level is generated from overall store performance. Select from over 20 pre-configured segments including: Most Profitable, Top Bundles, Cold Products, Top from Social and Most Reordered Products.

Segments include positive, neutral and negative categories so that you can do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t working. One of Ecommercialise’s most utilised Segment is Top Product Bundles. Ecommercialise pulls together data from your ecommerce platform to find the products that are most commonly purchased together. With this information, you can effectively increase average order value by strategically offering products based on historical facts. Bundling is a fast and effective way to use data to increase your bottom line.

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Evaluate At Category & Product Levels
Ecommercialise pulls in the categories you’ve set up in your ecommerce platform and compares the performance of one category to another. For example, a clothing retailer may have the common categories of shoes, apparel or accessories. Why is this helpful? Because it shows you which categories are the lifeblood of your store, and which categories necessitate inventory or marketing adjustments.
Ecommercialise also provides the opportunity to go one step deeper and evaluate all products based on key performance indicators. Sort across all products of your store and compare between Margin, Orders, Quantity Sold, Quantity Left, Inventory Velocity, Revenue, COGS, Gross Profit and Refunded. See which products are rising to the top, and which products are negatively impacting profitability.

Ecommercialise uses data from your ecommerce platform to bucket each customer into six segments of purchasing behavior. Knowing the breakdown of customers who have purchased multiple times will allow you to make better marketing decisions. Segments can be exported into a CSV, allowing you to tailor messages, discounts or loyalty programs based on customer status.

Finally Report On Individual Products
The most granular level of ecommerce reporting for Products is individual product analytics. Drill down into each product in your store to see a comprehensive view of performance. See how the product’s performance trends over time, and find the items most commonly purchased together. If a product is included in a store Segment it will appear on the individual product dashboard.

By providing these flexible views of your merchandise, Ecommercialise aims to uncover the revenue hiding in your data. Making small adjustments across your store can dramatically benefit your bottom-line.

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Other Analytical Features Provided by Ecommercialise